Shaarei Beit Shemesh

Shaarei Beit Shemesh Company

The ‘Shaarei Beit Shemesh’ company was established by Israel Zeira, CEO of Be’Emuna Ltd., and promoter Nathaniel Stern which leading residential projects in the city of Beit Shemesh.

The company strives for the highest standards in the construction industry, from the quality of construction and planning, to service and listening to each customer.

The company’s professional team consists of experts with extensive experience in the fields of engineering, supervision, construction and service.

Our experts, who are full partners for doing, will be available to any question in the acquisition and construction process.

Israel Zeira

Real estate entrepreneur and social activist

Resident of Tel Aviv, married and father of 8

Founder of Be’Emuna, which builds dozens of residential projects throughout the country.

Has years of experience in real estate, construction and establishment of neighborhoods, residential complexes and communities

Leads social-religious activity in Tel Aviv, and founder of ‘Rosh Yehudi’ organization which operating across the country

Netanel Yitzchok Stern

Born in Jerusalem, married and father of 4 children, believes in building the country of Israel and the exclusion, gained extensive experience in recognizing the terrain and touching material.

The deep consciousness of the construction and entrepreneurship industry has given him a high-level logistic and systemic ability to enable sophisticated and efficient building planning, while complying with the obligations of the company’s clients.

We invite you to join our customers and enjoy the experience of quality and peace of mind for many years.

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